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About Lakeland Camera Installation


Spotless and affordable home security is in our blood.

About Lakeland Camera Installation

Our seasoned CCTV technicians and engineers bring 20+ years of experience to your home, industrial, and commercial spaces in Lakeland, Florida. Lakeland Camera Installation offers the best video monitoring expertise to locate the best security solution for your facility.

 We integrate cutting-edge security frameworks and technology with potent security products. Our deep involvement with the local community addresses your custom surveillance system requirements.

 A team of veteran security specialists involves ex-army, firefighters, and techies. This immaculate combination yields top-notch video surveillance and security architecture.

We protect our customers, and what matters to them most. Our security solutions deliver ultimate peace of mind. Call us today with all your security needs!

Does LCI know what you need?

LCI is a champion designer and developer of predictive video security solutions. We do it all, including video surveillance camera selection & setup, access control, video management, recording systems, security software, and relevant services.

Fortunately, we provide complete commercial and home protection systems for all windows, rooms, doors, alleyways, storehouses, yards, and storefronts. Your fortified place frustrates intruders, fires, & medical emergencies. You can professionally monitor 24/7 by and dispatch police as needed.

Top monitoring experts develop a single source for video, security management, and intelligence solutions. LCI commits to high-quality products and security methods to secure your perimeter.

We are the end-to-end surveillance system provider for diverse industries, loyal customers, and local community partners in Lakeland. For you, tailored video technology propels faster deployments and impenetrable system resilience at minimum costs.

Our values

For 20+ years, LCI has thrived on close relationships with customers and partners. We have developed a culture of service. Thereon, we are the trusted customer-centric leadership across the security industry in Florida.

With us, a complete video monitoring setup involves in-person technical support to extensive security staff training from learned resource persons.Our advanced professional capabilities cater to all customization of software and hardware to meet end-user needs. LCI support and services come easy, fast, and convenient.

All our staff lives in Florida. Therefore, we know the security challenges and solutions better than any outsourced surveillance professionals.

Why do we do security cameras?

Security cameras are crucial for core security. Numerous home and business owners in Lakeland need the best security camera systems to protect their assets. Here, we fit in just fine.

The ceaseless demand for security drives us as a security camera company in Lakeland. Fast-growing video recording technology makes it hard for you to patch up a motley DIY surveillance structure. So, you need our top CCTV wizards to safeguard your properties.