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Who we are

About Us

Certified and eligible technicians go the distance to serve you at home and office. Meticulous attention to the job certainly makes our clients happy in the end.

Great attitude teams up with fabulous products in forging a lethal precision. Our careful work takes out both your eyes and heart. Make no mistake we are your ultimate security system provider through thick and thin.

Best Security Camera

Best Security Camera Installation in Lakeland, Florida

Lakeland Camera Installation introduces top-notch security via expert video surveillance systems. With sophisticated cameras and technological framework, you can feel peace of mind and rest easy whether in or out of town.       

Our video monitoring crew tends to homes, residential buildings, offices, businesses, commercial spaces, hospitality, healthcare, and educational facilities. Surveillance cameras are critical for safety, security, insurance compliance, and liability reduction.

Seasoned security hands develop a single-camera installation for commercial-scale surveillance systems with hundreds of cameras. Our security experts can help you create a comprehensive security camera solution to meet your facility’s security needs and budget. Contact us today.

Core Services

CCTV Installation Services

We have 15 years of experience in installing and customizing comprehensive CCTV systems. Also, we are highly qualified in maintaining security cameras, accessing controls, repairing security cameras, and structuring cables. On top of that, we specialize in setting up IP video systems, indoor & outdoor camera systems, complex business camera installation in multiple buildings, and so on.

Why Do You Need Surveillance Systems?

Closed-circuit television cameras offer fortified protection for your property. Lakeland Camera Installation sets up active prevention. Hence, would-be criminals stop entertaining an adventure. Our electronic guard introduces both deterrent and documentation.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is growing fast. It ensures the safety, efficiency, and verifiability of businesses and industries. Business surveillance involves general security protocols dedicated to insurance purposes and deters shoplifting in a retail setup.

Now, your camera systems proactively deter criminals. Apart from deploying human eyes, several “under video surveillance” signs can fend off their ill motives in advance. They think twice before breaking into your property. 

Documentation helps you file criminal lawsuits. Also, it identifies the perpetrators to bring them to justice. Brilliant camera technology goes way beyond a simple alarm system. So, you get more than alerts on intruders. Stolen property recovery becomes a breeze. 

If you are out of town for business or a vacation, LCI’s top surveillance solutions keep you posted about trespasses and vagabonds. You can peep into your home and office from miles away. Thanks to LCI, you get double security with a single surveillance system.

Lakeland Camera Installation is the best Florida security provider for customized and state-of-the-art CCTV. Typically, our CCTV installation cuts your security budget by providing inexpensive and auditable oversight.


Top CCTV features of Lakeland Camera Installation

A video monitoring system offers several standard elements. Their fundamentals include

What Components Constitute Your Electronic Fortress?

Cameras widely vary to accommodate your needs. We can personalize them to the indoor, outdoor, parking, garage, residential, commercial, and other settings

Hard drives or cloud storage are the usual storage instruments for your security recordings. The video quality determines whether you need multiple hard drives to stash the video data.

Network video recorders capture images and videos of your property surroundings.

Cable and wires hook the cameras to power sources and data storage devices.


Complete Security Solution

Solution - 01

Security camera systems must blend in with third-party security protocols. Therefore, Lakeland Camera Installation brings in scalable surveillance setups. Our monitoring specialists tap into access control systems, visitor management, and video analytics software.

Solution - 02

Strategically located fire, smoke, and water detectors identify looming dangers. Overall, you have a full-proof security framework. The video monitoring structure maintains detailed and verified video records. You can review everyone entering the premises against dates and times.

Outdoor & Indoor Security Camera installation

Finally, you can have a smooth view of a remote live feed. Lakeland Camera Installation delivers advanced security cameras and surveillance gear. Claim access to your building premises anytime, anywhere via your smart-phone, PC, and tablet.

 LCI is the leading security system company in Lakeland, Florida. We deliver a personalized monitoring setup and simple IP video surveillance that holds up fine against cyber threats and online breaches.

Expert Security Cam Design & Installation Services

At Lakeland Camera Installation, video security experts tame down all rough neighborhoods in Lakeland, Florida. We serve homes, businesses, and government to forge small, medium, and extensive video surveillance systems.

New and old video monitoring framework design & installation are in our blood. Home and business owners come to us with diverse security and surveillance concerns. We adequately sort out customer requirements to design the best system for them.

Amazingly, you can DIY or take professional support to implement our monitoring design. Floridians prefer us for troubleshooting & upgrading an existing video protocol. Veteran professionals repair and enhance malfunctioning security camera systems.

With 15+ years of experience, we specialize in the best remote monitoring access. Commercial grade and top-notch equipment free you from cheap unreliable monitoring gear. Long-term technical support & customer service get you going for decades to come. You Can Trust LCI!


Meet the LCI teamTeam

At Lakeland Camera Installation, we guarantee customer satisfaction! Top surveillance experts in Florida explore your facility. Then, we set forth a comprehensive home protection layout. We barely miss anything, thanks to our specialist team.

 Warm greetings, smooth communications, and insightful assessment meet you at once. We dig deep into your most secret expectations. So, the video monitoring coverage and protection reflect your requirements and our core values.

 The best CCTV team involves highly trained technicians with 15 years of experience. Whether home or business, we constantly pursue new technologies and the latest surveillance techniques. Hence, home and business owners can locate the right ways to protect their profits, assets, homes, businesses, and lives.

Nick Roland is the CEO-cum-lead technician. Typically, Nick masterminds all coordination as the nucleus of the team. He is a professional Security Camera Guru. An expert in wire and security camera placements, he does it all. Customers cannot hide their awe as he indulges the intricate nuances.

Jacob DeStrong is your favorite Low Voltage Technician and a seasoned CCTV specialist. He controls the low voltage wiring for CCTV. Besides, you can blindly rely on him for magical TV installation solutions plus telephone lines &  ragtag jacks. Ready to work is he.

Cecille Kishner is the next-gen Technology pundit. He adequately manages all Information Technology initiatives, including data storage, transfer, system supervision, etc. All outstanding tech issues wait upon his commands. He addresses all changes and updates. High-quality efficiency and work delivery define him.


“Security infrastructure was the biggest dilemma for us before initiating our business. We sought an industry-scale centralized monitoring solution for our facility. Anyway, Lakeland Camera Installation took responsibility for delivering the best commercial CCTV network. My business and CCTV protection requirements are evolving by the day. So, it poses a big challenge, and I understand it. Moreover, my 22 years in the corporate world taught me that nothing of class comes easily. However, I must retract my words as the LCI team displayed some wonders. On-time delivery, sophisticated gear, competitive equipment prices, stunning communication, and a customized surveillance outfit surprised me. Technically sound people installed the security structure intertwined with internet access. These monitoring tools and methods proved life-saving on several adverse occasions. LCI put up a 34-camera commercial installation on my business premise. Still, they support me on momentary calls and requirements. LCI decides all upgrades and fine-tunes. Then, these CCTV pros inform me about their futuristic thoughts as I nod along every single time. Professional customer service says that we are a great team together!”

Shaun B, Industry manager


“Well, a great security provider company is really an understatement for Lakeland Camera Installation. Various security products matched my requirements to the last bit. Most importantly, knowledgeable and caring staff take the task to their hearts. I believe one initially needs to talk it out before actually lending a hand on anything. There, right there, they impressed me and my management. Comfortable chat and outstanding customer support set them apart from other CCTV installers in Lakeland. As an SME enterprise, we asked for prevention merchandise solutions. What happened next was quite amazing! LCI immediately got down to business and reached beyond our wild expectations. Top-notch video monitoring cameras and turn-key controllers define them. Smooth as butter POS, inventory management really eased our top brass job. Whilst, great employee attitude skyrocketed our business growth thanks to the ever-watchful cameras. They settle the new challenges like it was never even a challenge at all. They are always on their toes whether I need a pair of cables or a new tool right away to solve a security glitch. Now, we can monitor our business 24/7, track our staff, and stock real-time.”

Greenspan J, Store owner


“We have been satisfied with them since our first contact. They thoroughly explained the details of home installation on-site, and we understood the intricacies of the right solution. The setup is actively fending off ill intentions and stranger intrusions. The surveillance system works great, and we recommend Lakeland Camera Installation to fellow Floridians. The LCI team were excellent professionals, communicators, and planners of the cutting-edge security framework. The technicians commanded respect as they finished the job on time with superior audio-visual products. My colleague first told me about LCI, and I was convinced. Now, I can pat myself seeing the results. These techies are the real deal. Affordable prices and top-tier surveillance technology bring peace of mind. Moreover, they go out of their way to provide support. This attitude struck a chord with me. For maintenance, they quickly locate the nagging issue and address it accordingly. The system goes up and running beautifully. I give them five stars and even more as the best local CCTV installation company.”

Jill S, Homeowner


Our Business Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

CCTV refers to Closed-circuit television. Here, a video system involves video cameras around an area to record footage. Then, the footage appears on a display monitor for real-time observation and footage playback.

You need multiple types of equipment to set up closed-circuit television, including a ladder, power drill, drill bits – including masonry bits, heavy-duty electric screwdriver, small screwdrivers, pencil and pen, hammer, and BNC crimp tool.

You will find several other necessary gear, such as cable stripper, cutter & knife, pliers, safety goggles, helmet, boots, cable, rod set & fish taps, electrical tape, labels, and raw materials plugs, electrical meter, and video test monitor.

Yes, CCTV cams work fine without internet connections.

The fundamentals of a surveillance cam further clarify this question. Similar to a regular camera, a CCTV camera captures images and videos. It picks up a sequence of images. Next, those images are privately displayed on a screen as the signal reaches a recording device.